With so many firms out there providing any number of services to owners and borrowers of commercial real estate it’s no wonder why so many paying clients walk away from their service providers disappointed.

Sequoia Equity Partners does not seek to be the “one size fits all” model and we recognize that our expertise lends to clients in very challenging and sometimes stressful situations. Our belief is to provide a client-focused experience that engenders a long-standing relationship with our clients.

We see our clients as partners.

Why you want to work with Sequoia Equity Partners.

  • We quickly demonstrate to our client the ability to engage your servicer/lender and influence the outcomes of their decisions as it relates to your loan.
  • Clients do not pay us an hourly rate or recurring fees and we earn most of our fees through performance-based metrics
  • Clients work with us because they want to make smart business decisions with their assets and are focused on achieving a desired result.
  • Clients benefit from our strong relationships with our private capital providers that they otherwise would not have access to on their own.
  • Clients benefit from our collective knowledge and experience of more than 100 years and several billion in CMBS loan restructurings.
  • As owner/operators of commercial real estate assets, we understand the nuances that our clients deal with managing their properties and portfolios.
  • Clients work with us because we deliver measurable results.
Years Collective Knowledge and Experience