Providing direct access to private equity and debt for transactions

Sequoia Equity Partners works directly with some of the most private and well capitalized equity groups and funds in the commercial real estate industry. We are not brokers.  There is a difference.  Our capital partners know and trust us to source proprietary, off-market, deals that are vetted out before ever sharing any market opportunity with them.  It’s this ongoing trust that we have developed that affords us the ability to bring capital to your deals, especially when time is of the essence.

Whether you seek debt and/or equity, we can provide all, or part, of the stack.  Our debt includes 1st lien positions, as well as mezzanine debt financing.  We can leverage up to 85% on certain deals at competitive rates, interest-only, fixed and non-recourse.  We can provide rescue capital when time is short as well and bridge you until you have a more permanent solution.

Minimum Deal Size: $5MM+ (no maximum)

Markets: Core + Secondary

Asset Types: Hospitality, Retail (Anchored and Unanchored), Office, Industrial & Multifamily

Pricing on capital varies depending on whether debt, equity or both are needed and the amount for each. We often find most of our clients are not in a position to provide the required equity to simply secure debt, so we have structured deals where 100% of the new capital is sponsored on behalf of the borrower.


When a client comes to Sequoia Equity Partners, they are often challenged by the new credit requirements to secure traditional financing. When traditional sources of debt are not an option, we can provide the debt needed to recapitalize or acquire assets. It’s efficient, less costly and more flexible to the borrower than other private sources of capital.

We can provide some, or all, of the debt for any given asset to include senior and mezzanine lien positions, bridge financing and short-term development funding. While most terms of debt vary they often range from 6-36 months.  We have options where a 5-year term for debt can be achieved, but will impact the cost of the capital used.

Our process is designed to mobilize quickly. We will underwrite the asset, the market, leases and anything material that effects the asset’s value, then render a term sheet to the client within a week, then schedule funding date that can range from 10-30 days depending on the Client’s need and timing issues.

If you would like to understand more about our capital partners and their debt programs, please contact us today at info@sequoiaequitypartners.com.


Sometimes everything seems to be aligned until you realize in the 11th hour that your lender requires you to come in with more money to close the deal. This is fine, if you have the money, but what if you cannot provide the additional capital needed to fulfill the lenders mandate? This is where Sequoia Equity Partners provides value to our clients and partners. We can provide you the equity needed to complete a recapitalization or acquisition of an asset.

Minimum Equity Need: $1MM+ (no maximum)

Markets: Core + Secondary

Asset Types: Hospitality, Retail (Anchored and Unanchored), Office, Industrial & Multifamily

Forms of equity can include both Preferred and Participating, depending on the deal structure and can be placed in a relatively short period of time. This insures against opportunity costs and provides the borrower with a stronger financial position from which to negotiate.

If you would like to know more about working with Sequoia Equity Partners to acquire equity on your next real estate deal, please contact us today – info@sequoiaequitypartners.com.