Partnering with clients to provide value through acquisition

Sequoia Equity Partners does acquire commercial real estate debt and assets across the United States. We, along with our capital partners, pursue opportunities in Multifamily, Retail, Industrial, Office and Hospitality in core and secondary markets primarily.

Our targeted IRRs are 18% or higher on a 3-5 year hold.  We are experienced operators of every asset type we acquire and have the ability to asset manage across the country.

While we aggressively pursue acquisition opportunities, we are very selective on which deals we acquire.  If you have a deal you would like us to look at, please do not waste our time on anything that is already marketed.  We all have access to the same resources as everyone else.  However, if you truly have an off-market opportunity then we would love to hear from you!

If you are looking for an operating partner, or someone to come in with equity on a co-invest, then we are always seeking those relationships as well.

If you are looking for debt or equity partners, seeking to sell or acquire, or are interested in participating in investment opportunities with Sequoia Equity Partners, then please contact us today to discuss your level of interest at info@sequoiaequitypartners.com or (844) 312-1222.


JV Investment

You have identified an opportunity, done your research, are ready to make an offer and successfully tie up the deal with a contract, but need to find your partner to complete the transaction. What do you do now?

If you’re like many investors, speculators and developers out there you know how challenging (and frustrating) it can be to present an opportunity to some of your closest peers and invite them to join you on this investment only to receive a “thanks, but no thanks” response. They either have no interest, or just invested in another deal and lack the liquidity to participate. The worst feeling in the world is to know you have a great deal and realize you may have to let it go, because you didn’t have a partner who was willing and able to perform. Sequoia Equity Partners, LLC celebrates the spirit of entrepreneurship that is thread inside each and every commercial real estate investor. The creativity and boldness is what makes you successful. We want to partner with smart, successful and creative investors who are seeking a partner to join arms and realize the potential in any given opportunity.

Conversely, by virtue of the space we operate we are often benefactors of learning of new market opportunities before the public.  This not only creates proprietary opportunities and deals, but affords our partners the advantage of first mover on highly desirable deals with exceptional investment returns.

Sequoia Equity Partners, LLC invests in commercial real estate notes and assets across the nation. We are generally agnostic to asset type, but exercise a preference for Hotel, Multifamily, Industrial and Retail property types.

If you would like to explore a partnership with Sequoia Equity Partners, LLC and learn of property deals then contact us today to schedule a meeting at (844) 312-1222.